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Autism Specific Assessments

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  One of the hardest things about providing support to someone on the autism spectrum is the extremely wide range of ways in which it presents - at the same time a person may have very high skills levels in one area, but find other things significantly difficult.  These areas of skill and areas of difficulty are very person-specific and therefore the person normally needs a support package that is equally as specific and person-centred - this is regardless of whether they are an adult or a child, or an employee, a pupil or a family member.  An autism specific assessment will highlight those areas that a person needs more help and support with - this may be how best to communicate with them, what sensory needs they may have, or any reasonable adjustments that need to be made so the person can access key services.  Following this assessment we can then write an autism specific profile.

   If you would like to know more about Autism Specific Assessments or Autism Specific Profiles, please contact us.

- What is an 'Autism Specific Assessment'?

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  The generic 'one-size-fits-all' approach to supporting people on the autism spectrum does not work.  An autism specific profile gives care-givers and the person's wider support structure (such as employers or teachers) key information on how to support the person.  These should be written by someone with a good practical and theoretical knowledge of autism and where possible the profile should have had input from the person themselves.  

- What is an 'Autism Specific Profile'?